Friday, May 26, 2006

The Mommy Files

Things I really appreciate now that I'm a mom:
  • Short story collections. I really don't have time for a big honkin' novel (although I did manage to read The Da Vinci Code in a week, but that's not really literature).
  • Public restrooms with well-maintained changing table stations that I'm not afraid to touch.
  • Bouncer seats.
  • MY mom.
  • Meals that only require one hand to eat.
  • Ceiling fans. No need to purchase pricy baby toys if you have a ceiling fan in the house!
  • Baby smiles.
Things I really appreciate about my child:
  • She's not the children I see in the library. Of course, she's only 2.5 months old, but she's still better behaved than most of the kids there.
  • She's a happy little pork chop.