Wednesday, November 30, 2005

American Cheese: Not Really Cheese

This morning, on my lengthy (5 minute) commute to work, I got to thinking about American cheese. Thinking about how it's not really cheese at all. How very American, cheese in name only. America= processed cheese food. And what is "processed cheese food," anyway? Well, you can check out this article on the manufacture of processed cheese food.

And that brings me to the pressing question: What type of cheese am I? The answer, thankfully, is not American.

I am mozzarella!
Cheese Test: What type of cheese are you?

Saturday, November 26, 2005


So here I am in my hometown (Nashville, TN) for the last day of my Thanksgiving holiday and I just have to say, I love this town. I think my taller half likes it here, too. I know he likes the free! public! nice! concrete! skatepark.

It's always hard to leave home. :-( But I miss my kitties and my house and my stuff.

My cousin lives just outside of Hixson, TN (which is close to Chattanooga, for those of you who really need to know such things and were about to open another window to Mapquest "Hixson, TN." Yeah, I know who you are.), and she was telling me about the library ladies at the Hixson Public Library. Apparently they have some throwbacks working there and everytime my cousin goes in there with her little girl (who's 5), they all give her the Icy Glare and it's very very quiet in there all the time. I kind of wish we had the quiet at our libraries, although I would not want to be Dragon Lady Enforcer to do it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Goggle-Eyed Disbelief

"You mean the libraries are closed Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday???"

Well, since you put it that way, there's absolutely NO reason why we library staffers should enjoy a few days off to enjoy friends and family if you, dear patrons, desperately need a respite from your own 4-day weekend with family to play on the computers in the library. How stupid of us!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Restless Natives

The natives appear to be getting restless.

I live in a not-exactly-well-off part of town. We have woods near my house (and adjacent to the library where I work) where homeless men keep camp. A couple of weeks ago, drunk useless homeless man A stabbed drunk useless homeless man B up the road from the library at the gas station and we had cops all over the library property and a helicopter flying overhead, very dramatic.

And 2 days ago I was on my way back from lunch and I passed a little side road with a corner house surrounded by police cars, crime scene tape, etc. A patron came in a couple of hours later and told me she lived on that street and that the guy who lived in that house had shot himself. Nice.

THEN, I read in the paper that over the weekend some teenage idiot at a local park beat a woman to the point of requiring hospitalization. Of course, what was a 29 year old woman doing at a park at 3 something in the morning when she has at least 2 kids... never mind, I'll never understand.

It's probably not a good thing when you hear sirens or a helicopter circling and you don't think much of it. It's not like I live in Compton, or Watts, or Bed-Stuy or similar. I blame Jeb Bush.

Back by Popular Demand

Due to the overwhelming demand from my dedicated reader, I am updating this sumbitch.

My 2+ month absence may have something to do with the fact that I am now 22 weeks preggo. Kid's kicking and distracting me from, well, just about everything else.

So I promise I will *try* to update this more often.