Thursday, November 29, 2007

Smaller and Colder

This week I finally managed to visit the Inglewood branch of the Nashville Public Library system, which is the library I went to every day during my childhood summers. Kevin, the guy who I remember from so long ago, is still working there (he's been there 31 years!) and I (re)introduced myself to him and told him that I am now a public librarian.

The building itself seemed smaller, as does just about every place you remember from childhood, with aging floors and columns. All available floor space was taken up by computers (of course), meaning the lounge chairs I remember being next to the fireplace are long gone. The fireplace is still there, although not lit. It was a cold and damp day outside and it was cold and damp in the library, as well.

I was happy I got to go in and visit my old friend, but it was depressing at the same time.