Saturday, June 12, 2004

Disposable Entertainment

So maybe I've found a workable alternative to subjecting myself to the scary, sometimes smelly patrons of my local Blockbuster outlet. I bought one of those new EZ-D's from 7-Eleven, the DVD that expires 48 hours after the package is opened. Sure, it's a couple of bucks more expensive than renting from BB, but I think that not having to subject myself to the traffic and the nasty patrons more than make up for it.

Of course, I could always check out movies from the local public library (which I suppose I really should do, since I am, after all, a librarian), but the recent popular movies are never in and I would have to remember to return them. I don't have a problem remembering to return books (because I read them much faster than the due date), but I have some sort of mental block about movies.

Ah, technology. I like it a lot (sometimes).

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