Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Smokey Smokerson

I've noticed an interesting trend in the patrons we get in our library system. A lot, and I mean a LOT, of them apparently spend most of their day chain-smoking in a tiny room (or their car), only emerging to come to the library and either a) get library cards so they can check out 20 videos which they may or may not return or b) get on the computers. Some of them I can smell before they even come around the corner to the reference desk. I can tell when they are in the reference section (behind me) by scent alone.

Does this county just have more Really Dedicated Smokers, or do Really Dedicated Smokers just use our libraries more often? I've not noticed this at other libraries. But then, too, I didn't spend 9+ hours a day at other libraries, either.

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A noise inside a mind said...

That is a very interesting observation. America can't possibly have more dedicated smokers - look at France.

But more who use libraries? Hmmm...