Monday, July 18, 2005

Salt of the Earth

These are the people in my neighborhood (and my library's neighborhood)...
They're the people that I meet each day.

1. 300-pound lady in zebra print halter top (shudder) and shorts

2. Upper-middle-aged lady with gold lame' spaghetti strap tank top. With no bra.

3. Man wearing shorts with black socks (repeat x200).

4. Basic proto-industrial-goth kid. A surprising amount of them, actually, since that style ship sailed, oh, I dunno, about 5 years ago. Then again, we're not exactly on the cusp of fashion here.

Not that I'm a fashion plate, but I do take pains to look 1) well-groomed and 2) if not fashion-forward, at least not woefully outdated. I think a large majority of the people in this fine county may very well not own mirrors.

*sigh* I guess this means I'm a snob.

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