Saturday, November 26, 2005


So here I am in my hometown (Nashville, TN) for the last day of my Thanksgiving holiday and I just have to say, I love this town. I think my taller half likes it here, too. I know he likes the free! public! nice! concrete! skatepark.

It's always hard to leave home. :-( But I miss my kitties and my house and my stuff.

My cousin lives just outside of Hixson, TN (which is close to Chattanooga, for those of you who really need to know such things and were about to open another window to Mapquest "Hixson, TN." Yeah, I know who you are.), and she was telling me about the library ladies at the Hixson Public Library. Apparently they have some throwbacks working there and everytime my cousin goes in there with her little girl (who's 5), they all give her the Icy Glare and it's very very quiet in there all the time. I kind of wish we had the quiet at our libraries, although I would not want to be Dragon Lady Enforcer to do it.

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A noise inside a mind said...

ha ha. Dragon Lady Enforcer. I can imagine as the preggo-factor wears on, the grumpy librarian in you will come out more and more!