Friday, March 28, 2008

My Library Has Fleas

Well, I'm once again the Nomadic Librarian, since my permanent library home is currently being renovated. So I'm camped out at one of our other branches for the interim.

The other day, my coworker found a flea on her person. She does have a cat, but the cat does not have fleas. Later that day, I found a flea on my person. I do have 2 cats, but my cats don't have fleas. Which means the library has fleas.

This is not an unknown phenomenon to me. At another branch where I worked temporarily, we had a special needs group come in a couple of times a week. One of the people had a service dog, which was not very well taken care of and, yes, often had signs and symptoms of flea infestation. We had many work orders for pest control at that branch.

This library, however, has no regular service animal visitors. Which can really only mean one thing: one (or more) of the patrons has fleas. Nice.

An observation: every library that I have been permanently assigned to has undergone some form of renovation that has chased me out for a lengthy period of time (a month this time, a year last time). And my temporary locations have both had fleas. Interesting.


a star* in the margin said...

Nomadic fleas...they're following you.

Sierra Harris said...

Maybe you have fleas