Saturday, April 05, 2008

Card Catalog - A Real One!

So a couple of weeks ago I was up at the state capital for some meetings, one of which was at the State Library. After I met with all of the people (very nice, too, incidentally) that I was supposed to, I was taken to the library itself to look around.

First observation: their computer patrons are the same as ours. Aroma and everything.

Second observation: it's a lot smaller than I expected it to be.

Third observation: they have an HONEST-TO-GOD STILL FUNCTIONAL CARD CATALOG. Most of the collection is computer catalogued, but they still have some maps that aren't, so they kept a small card catalog for those items!

I will confess to getting entirely too excited about seeing a card catalog. I wanted to hug it, but settled (for the sake of professionalism) for caressing it fondly.

God, I'm such a nerd.

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JudiElise said...

Don't feel bad about it. I once saw someone selling an old card catalog piece on the side of the road. My hubby had to convince me that there was NO reason for picking it up. I was very, very disappointed, but he was right. I just thought that as a piece of history, we should keep it as an antique. I swear if I ever see one again, I will buy it, husband be hanged!!