Friday, September 19, 2008

Parents Without a Clue

I wonder when, if ever, it's appropriate to go up to either of the parents on laptops in the corner, who have been at the library for 4 hours, and tell them that perhaps their 2 preschool children may be interested in having lunch at some point today.

These are the same parents who were shoulder-deep in their laptops while their 2 kids wandered about aimlessly and systematically removed half the picture books from the bins, leaving them scattered about for library staff to clean up later.

Makes. Me. Angry.


Dan said...

Hi Michelle! Love your blog! I found it through your profile on MSW, where I'm a member.

I'd like to invite you to be a member of another board with the same common interest -- it's a smaller, more personal board, with a lot of smart, worldly people who have a wry view of life. We'd love to have you join us. I think you'd fit in very well!

My MSW ID is "gazorpa", so you can search through my posts if you like. I'm writing this comment through my son's gmail account; if you'd like to reply to this, you can reach me through my email, which is

Sorry for this odd way of contacting you, but MSW no longer allows member-to-member messaging.

Hope to hear from you --


Paul Wartenberg said...

Michelle, hey.
Best of luck with the clueless parents. Ah, one of the things I *won't* miss anymore. ;)
Happy holidays to everyone in Pasco Libraries.

jjalajandra said...

I was once a children's librarian. Please be patient with the children. At least, they aren't "rippin' and rompin'". Perhaps, it would help if you put a basket or something and ask them if they would put the books they look at in it. They are, hopefully, tomorrow's readers. Welcome them warmly. As for the clueless parents, a baseball should fill the need nicely.